av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色The Pathfinder is a student publication of Lewis-Clark State College, operating under authority granted by the Communications Board at LCSC.

av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色Responsibilities for establishing The Pathfinder news and advertising policies and deciding issues related to commentary or story content rest solely on the student staff. The views expressed in commentaries and letters are those of the individual authors, and not necessarily the view of The Pathfinder staff.  Responsibility for the content of The Pathfinder is not assigned to nor assumed by the publication's advisor or any employee of Lewis-Clark State College.

av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色The Pathfinder is located in the Student Union Building | Center for Student Leadership (SUB|CSL) room 227 and 228. Everyone is invited to visit and share comments and ideas. 

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with the editor or any staff member, please e-mail the Pathfinder.

av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色Check out our new live website .