av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色 The CTL offers workshops on course design, inclusive practices, experiential learning, and many more topics, facilitated by LCSC faculty and invited guests.

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Faculty Spotlight

Connecting learning to life through experiential learning and community engagement.

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Faculty Spotlight
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Informal observations

Faculty from across campus are available to observe and reflect with you on your teaching practice in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

Informal Observations
Informal peer observations
Garden For Brochure
LC Learning Garden

av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色 The garden offers an on-campus site for experiential learning, a meeting place, an outdoor classroom and food for the Warrior Pantry. No Hungry Warriors!

LC Learning Garden
Learning Garden

CTL: Center for Teaching and Learning


av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色We are located on the first floor of the Library on LCSC’s Lewiston Campus. Come visit us!

Ph: 208.792.2070
Email: tlc@lvd8.com


Established in 2014 by President Tony Fernández,av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色 the Lewis-Clark State College Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports your personal and intellectual growth as you pursue teaching excellence, inclusive practices, service, and professional development.