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Warrior Entertainment Board

The Warrior Entertainment Board (W.E.B.) is a student managed organization that provides high quality entertainment and events to engage the LCSC campus and LC Valley communities. These events include concerts, movies, lectures, comedy nights, dances, magic shows, hypnotists, and numerous other special events.

Members of W.E.B. collaborate with other LCSC organizations and divisions in assisting and enhancing campus programs. W.E.B. provides educational opportunities for students to gain experience in advertising and implementing programs for the campus community.

av天堂2015影音先锋|狠恨爱色天使|大香蕉综合|哥哥干哥哥色W.E.B. consists of a team of full-time board members and is supported by student volunteers who enjoying helping with student entertainment.

Board members have the opportunity to become visible in the community, earn college credit, receive practical experience in participation in meetings and the business environment, build a dynamic resume, become better acquainted with college administrators and faculty, and experience college budgeting practices.

This organization welcomes any student input regarding events scheduled. For more information, please refer to the Warrior Entertainment Board Handbook or contact the Student Activities Department.